Durotar is the new Orc nation in the lands of Kalimdor, across the seas to the west of Lordaeron, from whence they came.


[edit] Origins

After the War Cheif, Thrall, freed his people from the humans, Grom Hellscream succeeded in removing the curse which attached the Doom Orcs to the demon Mannoroth by killing him in combat. Once this battle was done, Thrall began to process of building an Orc nation, the first city of the orcs and they began their return to their shamanistic ways.

Durotar is named after Thrall's heroic father, Durotan.

[edit] Appearance

Durotar is like many Orcish settlements, with many of it's buildings being circular in nature with barbs pointing outwards. The region is desert-like, and quite dry and hot, very similar to the Draenorian landscape from where the Orcs originally came before appearing on the world of Azeroth.

The central city of Durotar is Ogrimmar.

[edit] Residents

While called an Orc city, it is really a city for the many horde races which were allied with the Orcs throughout the ages of war in the past, including the trolls.

[edit] Native Races

While the horde has taken Durotar as it's own, there are many native races to the region. Much like in the barrens, where the Orcs first met their Tauren allies, the Centaur choose to make these region their home. Other races, such as the Quillboars, were also numerable in the region. To the north, large amounts of Lightning Lizards can be found nin varying sizes, which move in large packs.

The locale also has a number of harpies in the region, which the Orcs despise. These harpies continually assaulted supply lines and warriors in the region, and were eventually stopped when Rexxar killed their leader.

Since many of these races are less than friendly towards the new horde invaders, although likely in equal distaste of each other, the Orc settlements which spread across Durotar tend to be fairly heavily fortified with Towers and warriors against attack from roving centaur warbands, and other dangers.

[edit] Allies

[edit] Tauren

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Thrall in helping the Tauren and their leader, Cairne Bloodhoof, escape the assaults of the warbands on their people, the Tauren became the first true allies of the horde in the Western lands. As such, the Tauren are welcome in Durotar.

[edit] Darkspear Tribe

The Darkspear tribe has also set up a new nation in the islands off the shore of Kalimdor, and stay in frequent contact with the Orcs on the mainland. Both sides consider the other allies and Thrall has assisted the troll tribe when they were under attack. Likewise, the Darkspear Tribe has also helped the Orcs in their forays during the beginning months of the existence of Durotar by forcing back Alliance forces under the command of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore.

While at peace with the Alliance and the Night Elves, they are not part of the horde and hence are not greeted as warmly.

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