Gold Mines

Gold Mines are the chief providers of gold in the game. While there are other ways to get Gold, in most campaign levels and in online and offline multiplayers, gold mines will provide you with the best way to get resources, and typically also provide the most gold of all possible sources.

Gold mines usually must be treated in some way before they are used. For Orcs and Humans, the central structure of their races must be placed nearby for Peons, the Orcish worker unit, or Peasants, the Humans' worker unit, to harvest gold. Place these structures as closely as possible to gold mines, as the shorter the distance, the less distance these units have to run and the more gold will be received. The Tree of Life, the central unit of the Nightelves, must also be placed nearby so that the roots of the tree may allow wisps access to the mine to collect gold, although as long as the tree is within range, the rate of gold received will be constant.

The Undead merely haunt any gold mine and may use it, giving them an advantage over other units as they are not dependent on another structure being built. However, they must also pay a small fee to haunt the mine. Once done, Acolytes, up to five, may mine it. The rate of gold found, like Wisps, is only dependent on the amount of worker units on the mine working at the same time.

Gold mines have a finite amount of gold within. Once exhausted, they collapse and a new source of gold must be found.

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