Heroes are the backbone of your army, and provide myriad powers and abilities which individually can sway entire battles, and at times, can even help them level bases, all on their own, if you know how to use them. Proper use of a hero is important in Warcraft, be sure to use them to the full extent of their abilities!


[edit] Accessories and Items

Heroes also have another unique ability, in that they can carry around a maximum of six items with them. These items vary in size and shape, from use and how you obtain them. Some, such as the Orb of Fire you get early in the game, you can gain simply from completing a quest. Others, such as the Goblin Land Mines, only appear as mission-related items, and a few are rare and unlikely to be found, such as the Ankhs which can be used to revive a dead hero on the field. A few, such as tomes, permanently increase stats! Basically, at one point at time, you will find yourself in need of having only six items. What do we recommend? Keep everything you think might be useful further down the road, as heroes in campaigns keep those for the duration of the conquest. Of those, keep what is best. If you have an Orb of Fire +1 and Gauntlets of Ogre Strength +7 (which I've never found, so don't try looking for it) then take the Gauntlets, because they will obviously be of more use. Also, when it comes down to it, a lot of items you get from quests will be useful. There are several items in the game which lead to dramatic increases in stats in everything if you take the time to get them. Always remember, items can be traded between heroes if need be, so don't think that what you leave on Arthas can't be given to Jaina Proudmoore when you are controlling them both.

[edit] Death of Heroes

Whether or not they have an Ankh on them, which revives them where they are when they die, heroes will eventually die. This is signified on the field by a white ghost disappearing from the corpse of the fallen hero, and the portrait in the top left corner of the screen to go dark. To remedy this, you must go to the altar of your race and see if you can have him remade.

[edit] Cost of Hero Revival By Level

The following is a cost, in addition to the 5 Food which they will take up.

  • Lvl 1 - 200 gold
  • Lvl 2 - 250 gold
  • Lvl 3 - 300 gold
  • Lvl 4 - 350 gold
  • Lvl 5 - 400 gold
  • Lvl 6 - 450 gold
  • Lvl 7 - 500 gold
  • Lvl 8 - 550 gold
  • Lvl 9 - 600 gold
  • Lvl 10 - 650 gold

Basically, start at 200 and go up 50 in cost for each level they gain.

[edit] Experience

Hero's need a few things on the field. Often, this can be remedied by supporting soldiers and such, but there are times when heroes are in need of experience. Experience is necessary for the advancement of your character. You can find them in tomes, or when fighting enemies. Below is some information about experience and heroes, specifically, how much experience is required for you to gain another level. Note, in campaigns, you may only be able to level up to a certain extent, but that does not mean you have to miss out on everything.

[edit] Cost of Hero Leveling by Experience

  • Level 1 Heroes - START LEVEL
  • Level 2 Heroes - 200 to level.
  • Level 3 Heroes - 500 to level.
  • Level 4 Heroes - 900 to level.
  • Level 5 Heroes - 1400 to level.
  • Level 6 Heroes - 2000 to level.
  • Level 7 Heroes - 2700 to level.
  • Level 8 Heroes - 3500 to level.
  • Level 9 Heroes - 4400 to level.
  • Level 10 Heroes - 5400 to level. This is the final level for all heroes, until the expansions Orcish campaign which you can go farther in.

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