Human Alliance

Hailing from the mighty kingdom of Stormwind, the human alliance are a devout group of warriors, clerics and conjurers. Times of famine and civil unrest befell the kingdom of King Wrynn III, but the kingdom came upon a worse fate with the coming of the chaotic and brutish orcs. The prince Llane became king and pushed back the unorganized invaders to the swamps, where they slowly came under a singular warchief.

Realizing that the orc's coming to the world was caused by the conjuror Medivh, the human alliance must face powers beyond comprehension.


[edit] Buildings

Town Hall

A waypoint for incoming gold and lumber, it is the center of any settlement. There can only be one at a time.

Builds: Peasants, Roads


To keep up the supply of food needed to train more troops, farms are needed. More farms allows the production of more units.


The training grounds for much of the army you command. The more that are built, the more units that can be trained simultaneously.

Builds: Footmen, Archers, Knights, Catapults

Lumber Mill

Allows for upgrades to be made for archers, allowing them to be more powerful.


Allows for upgrades of the steel used by the ground melee units. Is also needed for the production of other buildings.


Allows for the production of knights in the barracks.

Requires: Blacksmith


The holy temple of clerics. Inaddition to training clerics, the structure also provides spells that can be learned. When a new spell is researched, all active clerics have knowledge of it.

Builds: Clerics

Requires: Lumber Mill


These tall towers are home to the conjurers of the alliance. These conjurers can be trained here, as well as allowing for their spells to be researched.

Builds: Conjurers

Requires: Blacksmith

[edit] Classes

[edit] Archer

Ranged units. More maneuverable than footmen, but also have less armor. Best positioned behind more heavily-armored units.
Requires: Lumber Mill, Barracks

[edit] Catapult

Large, clumsy, but powerful, the catapult is a useful weapon against buildings. Able to kill anything in its range, it is best positioned towards the rear of the army.
Requires: Lumber Mill, Blacksmith, Barracks

[edit] Cleric

Holy and devout, the clerics of Stormwind are the spiritual healers of their people. They deal mostly with supportive magic rather than offensive. The spells of the clerics include:

HOLY LANCE: The cleric focuses his body and soul into the projection of a holy lance which casts out to strike evil.

HEALING: Heals a friendly unit of injury, prolonging their stay in battle.

INVISIBILITY: Renders a friendly unit invisible to enemy units. Useful for ambushing enemy forces.

FAR SEEING: Grants the owner vision to a small section of land the spell is cast upon. Can be cast from anywhere, and the effects are limited, but useful.
Requires: Church

[edit] Conjurers

Masters of the arcane, conjurers are powerful magic casters, able to summon creatures and master the elements. The spells of the conjurer include:

ELEMENTAL BLAST: A powerful basic elemental blast than can be cast from a long range.

SUMMON SCORPIONS: Summons several scorpions who follow the directions of the conjurer.

SUMMON ELEMENTAL: Summons a powerful water elemental to serve the conjurer.

RAIN OF FIRE: The conjurer calls from the sky a rain of fire which showers upon an area dealing damage. Damages any and all units who are caught within.
Requires: Tower

[edit] Footman

The basic melee fighting units. Provides an effective frontline against attackers.
Requires: Barracks

[edit] Knight

Faster and stronger than footmen, knights are deadly in battle, but more costly to come upon. Their mounts make them more maneuverable than walking units.
Requires: Stable, Barracks

[edit] Peasant

Peasants are the builder units, and also harvest the necessary lumber and mine the gold needed to construct these buildings. They cannot attack, and will often flee from enemy attackers.
Requires: Town Hall

[edit] Wounded

If a wounded soldier is discovered, a cleric is able to restore them to fighting condition. Likewise will your own army seek out your cleric's services if hurt.

[edit] Missions

Mission 1

As a test of your abilities the king has appointed you as regent over a small parcel of land. Since we must keep our armies in the field well supplied, you are to build the town into a farming centre of no less than six farms. Construction of a barracks for defence is also advised, as our scouts have reported Orc patrols in the area.

Objectives: Build 6 Farms, 1 Barracks

Mission 2

The Orcs around Grand Hamlet are becoming increasingly brazen in their attacks, and our spies inform us that they are amassing a large army to march against the town. The King is sending you, along with a small detachment of troops, to rally the people and defend the town against all opposition.

Objectives: Defend town and destroy orcs

Mission 3

With Blackhand's raiding parties routed, now is the time for us to secure a lasting peace in the area around Grand Hamlet. You must seek out the Orcish outpost of Kyross that lies deep within the Swamps of Sorrow, and destroy it.

Objectives: Destroy outpost

Mission 4

It has been some twenty months since Sir Lothar, one of the crown's greatest heroes, led an expedition into the Dead Mines to search for the Lost Tome of Divinity. They were never heard from again. However, the great knight has recently appeared to the Abbot of Northshire in a vision - battered and pleading for assistance. King Llane has ordered you to lead a detachment of warriors and healers into the mines in an attempt to find Sir Lothar, heal him, and bring him and any other survivors back alive.

Objectives: Rescue Lothar

Mission 5

The forest of Elwynn is a strategic key to securing the Borderlands. An outpost near the southeast edge of the forest will serve as your stronghold. The King has assigned one of his knights to aid you, so that your task of ridding the area of Blackhand's dark minions may be more readily completed.

Objectives: Destroy orcs

Mission 6

The monks of Northshire abbey are under siege by a band of warriors that have been convinced by enemy agents to fight against the crown. You will be given a complement of knights to lead to the abbey, which is already under attack. Ride hard and fast, as you must prevent its destruction. When you have secured the abbey and beaten back these treacherous curs, you must then move to destroy the enemy at their source.

Objectives: Save the abbey and destroy the traitors

Mission 7

A Raiding party has completely overrun the village of Sunnyglade. Our scouts report that the survivors have been taken to a hidden Orcish compound to serve as slaves. You must take a detachment of warriors and rescue the group of peasants that are imprisoned somewhere in the Orc camp. Our intelligence confirms that all of the prisoners are together, and that you must destroy the enclosure to open a path for their escape. The rebuilding of Sunnyglade is also of the utmost importance, as you will need their assistance in destroying the Orcish slavers.

Objectives: Rescue peasants, demolish orcs

Mission 8

A new crisis has arisen that threatens to end the lives of all who would serve the King. The evil warlock Medivh has begun draining the soul of the land itself to increase his dark powers. You must take a party into his tower and destroy him. Beware his mastery of the black arts, for legend speaks of his ability to command daemons of hell.

Objectives: Slay Medivh and all his minions

Mission 9

The time has come to take the battle into Blackhand's own domain. King Llane has ordered a full assault upon the Orcs, demanding that this plague that spreads across the kingdom be eradicated. To the east of the borderlands lies the Black Morass where the Orcish hordes make their encampments. You are to lead an army into this foul region and destroy every trace of their dark presence.

Objectives: Destroy all traces of the orcs

Mission 10

Runners have arrived and informed you of grave news. King Llane lies dead this day, assassinated by the treacherous Garona, at Stormwind Keep. His last command was that you should assume the mantle of War Leader, and end this battle that has drained the land of its resources, and now its king. Scouts report that deep within the Black Morass lies one of Blackhand's darkest seats of power --- The Temple of the Damned. No peasants dare approach the vile temple, and only the bravest of your soldiers have agreed to accompany you on this mission. You must strike boldly and without error, for there will be no reinforcements.

Objectives: Destroy temple, raze town, kill orcs

Mission 11

Here beats the diseased and malevolent heart of Blackhand's plagued lands. The sister towns of Rockard and Stonard are all that stand between the forces of the kingdom and Blackhand's stronghold - Black Rock Spire. After conferring with your warchiefs, the path to victory lays clear. You must destroy Rockard and Stonard, thereby cutting off all lines of support and supplies, so that the final offensive can be made upon Black Rock Spire.

Objectives: Destroy Rockard and Stonard

Mission 12

Black Rock Spire stands before us! the skies above the reeking swamp fill with the gathering thunderheads that spell doom for the loser in this final confrontation. Tension hangs like a heavy cloak on your shoulders as your troops prepare for the battle ahead. Above the din and chaos that swirls about the battlefield stands the Castle of Blackhand, its gaze sweeping down upon the battlefield where the destinyof the land will be decided. Destroy the stronghold and those who would seek to defend it, and Azeroth will be freed from Blackhand's poisoned grip forever!

Objectives: Destroy Black Rock Spire and kill all orcs!
There are 3 new units available to the Human Alliance. They are the Dragonhawk Rider, Phoenix, and the Spell Breaker. Each new unit comes packed with new attack, spells, and bad ass attitudes.

[edit] Arcane Vault (PBS)

The Arcane Vault is the new player built shop for the Human Alliance. All the items that can be purchased from this shop are dependent on what upgrade level your town hall is in and what buildings you have already made.

Heroes also have the ability to sell any unwanted items to this shop.

[edit] Town Hall

There are 3 items that you are allowed to purchase at the start of the game when you only have a Town Hall. They are the Scroll of Regeneration, Mechanical Critter, and the Lesser Clarity Potion.

[edit] Lesser Clarity Potion

The Lesser Clarity Potion regenerates your heroes mana by 100 over a 30 second time period. If your hero is attacked during this process the effect is canceled.



[edit] Mechanical Critter

The Mechanical Critter is a new unit that once created can be used as a scout to look for enemies.

[edit] Scroll of Regeneration

The Scroll of Regeneration restores the hit points of all friendly units that are non mechanical and are around your hero. The scroll's ability is canceled if the unit that is being healed gets attacked.

[edit] New Classes

[edit] Dragonhawk Rider

Swift flying unit mounted by an Elven warrior. The fierce warriors of the Dragonhawk battalions are often the first into combat, picking apart the enemy ranks and surrounding enemy towers with dense fog so that reinforcements can strike unhindered by enemy defenses. Attacks land and air units.

Spells and Abilities

Creates a small cloud that stops buildings with ranged attacks that are within it from attacking.

Aerial Shackles
Magically binds a target enemy air unit, so that it cannot move or attack and takes 30 damage per second.

[edit] Phoenix

The Phoenix is created by the Blood Mage when he casts the Phoenix spell.

Spells and Abilities

Spell Immunity (Passive)
Renders this unit immune to negative spells.

Resistant Skin (Passive)
Reduces the duration of negative spells and renders the unit immune to certain spells.

[edit] Spell Breaker

Elven warrior trained to disrupt and contort magical energies. These Blood Elven warriors, fresh from the destruction of their homeland, have turned a new eye towards the dying land of Lordaeron. Can it possibly remain their home? Has Spell Immunity. Attacks land units.

Spells and Abilities

Spell Steal (Autocast)
Steals a positive buff from an enemy unit and applies it to a nearby friendly unit, or takes a negative buff from a friendly unit and applies it to a nearby enemy unit.

Control Magic
Give Spell Breakers the ability to take control of enemy summoned units. The spell's cost is relative to the current hit points of the target.

Spell Immunity (Passive)
Renders this unit immune to negative spells.

Feedback (Passive)
Spell Breaker attacks destroy 20 (4 to Heroes) Mana per hit. The Mana combusts, dealing damage to the attacked unit. Each point so removed causes 1 point of damage to the target. Feedback does not affect spell-immune units.

[edit] New Heroes

Many of the stoic high elves, reeling from the loss of their ancient homeland, Quel'Thalas, have given in to their hatred and despair and embraced the dark side of their magical natures. Calling themselves 'Blood Elves' - these cold hearted refugees seek to expand their remaining magical powers at any cost - even if it means courting the infernal powers of the Burning Legion! Though still loyal to the Alliance, the Blood Elves' passions will lead them not only to the highest pinnacles of power, but to the darkest depths of madness.

Spells and Abilities

Flame Strike
Conjures a pillar of fire which damages ground units in a target area over time.

Turns a unit ethereal and slows its movement speed by 50% for 18 seconds (at level 3). Ethereal units cannot attack, but they can cast spells and will take 66% more damage from Magic attacks and spells.

Siphon Mana
Transfers mana between the Blood Mage and a target. Drains mana from an enemy, or transfers mana to an ally. Siphon Mana can push the Blood Mage's mana over its maximum value, though excess mana drains off rapidly if not used.

Phoenix (Ultimate)

Summons a powerful Phoenix. The Phoenix burns with such intensity that it damages itself and nearby enemy units. Has Spell Immunity, and Resistant Skin. When a Phoenix dies, it creates an egg that will hatch into a Phoenix.

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