Human Alliance (Reign of Chaos)

The Human Alliance of Warcraft III Reign of Chaos is a combination of Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. They are the most differential group in Warcraft III with ground troops such as paladins and footmen and air troops such as Gryphon Riders and Gyrocopters. They have excellent units for sieging, and powerful spell casters for long range attacks.


[edit] Buildings

Below is a list of human buildings and further information on each of them.

[edit] Altar of Kings

The Altar of Kings can be one of your most important buildings when you get farther into the game. This building allows you to revive and recruit heroes.

  • Cost: 180
  • Lumber: 50
  • Hit Points: 900 / 1080 / 1260 / 1440
  • Build Time: 60

    Units Available

  • <a href="">Mountain King
  • <a href="">Paladin</a>
    Note that, in multiplayer, the first hero is always free, but subsequent heroes will require:
  • 500 Gold
  • 100 lumber
  • Another 5 population spaces

    [edit] Arcane Sanctum

    This building is the center for spellcaster production and upgrades. It produces Priests, Sorceresses, and Spell Breakers.

  • Cost: 150
  • Wood: 140
  • Hit Points: 1050 / 1260 / 1470 / 1680
  • Build Time: 70

    Upgrades Available

  • Priest Adept Training: Increases the mana capacity, regeneration rate, and hit points of Priests. Also allows Priests to cast Dispel Magic. Costs: 150, Lumber: 50
  • Priest Master Training: Further increases the mana capacity, regeneration rate, and hit points of Priests. Also allows Priests to cast Inner Fire. Costs: 100, Lumber: 150, Requires: Castle
  • Sorceress Adept Training: Increases the mana capacity, regeneration rate, and hit points of Sorcerers. Also allows Sorcerers to cast Invisibility. Costs: 100, Lumber: 50
  • Sorceress Master Training: Further increases the mana capacity, regeneration rate, and hit points of Sorcerers. Also allows them to cast Polymorph. Costs: 100, Lumber: 150, Requires: Castle
  • Control Magic: Gives Spell Breakers the ability to control enemy summoned units. Cost is equal to the hit points of the target. Costs: 75, Lumber: 75, Requires: Arcane Vault, Castle
  • Magic Sentry: Allows human towers to detect invisible units. Costs: 50, Lumber: 50

    [edit] Arcane Vault

    A shop from which any allied unit that has an inventory can purchase items. The items available are dependant upon what level of upgrade your Town Hall has (Town Hall, Keep, or Castle) and what buildings you have. Heroes can also sell unwanted items to any item shop.

    Each Item lists the name of the item with a link to more information. The time it takes for an item to regenerate after it has been purchased is listed next. Following that is a list of when an item is first available after the start of the game.

  • Cost: 130
  • Wood: 30
  • Hit Points: 485/776
  • Build Time: 60

    [edit] Barracks

    The barracks is the building where you can train footmen, riflemen, and knights.

  • Cost: 160
  • Wood: 60
  • Hit Points: 1500/1800/2100/2400
  • Build Time: 60

    Upgrades Available

  • Defend: Increases footmen defense capabilities against ranged attacks. Cost: 150, 100 Wood
  • Long Rifles: Increases the Range of riflemen attacks. Cost: 75, 125 Wood
  • Animal War Training: Increases the maximum hit points of Knights, Dragonhawk Riders, and Gryphon Riders by 150. Cost: 125, Wood: 150

    [edit] Farm

    Farms provide a modest amount of food, but are quick and cheap to build.

  • Cost: 120
  • Wood: 20
  • Hit Points: 500 / 600 / 700 / 800
  • Build Time: 35

    [edit] Gryphon Aviary

    The Gryphon Aviary trains Gryphon Riders and Dragonhawk Riders. The two upgrades available here are Storm Hammers and Cloud.

  • Cost: 140
  • Wood: 150
  • Hit Points: 1200 / 1440 / 1680 / 1920
  • Build Time: 75

    Units Available

  • <a href="">Gryphon Rider</a>
  • <a href="">DragonHawk Riders</a>

    Upgrades Available

  • Storm Hammers: Allows Gryphon Riders hammer to go through an enemy and hit another causing damage to two units. Cost: 125, Lumber: 225, Requires: Castle
  • Cloud: Allows DragonHawk Riders to disable buildings from attacking. Cost: 50, Lumber: 100, Requires: Arcane Vault, Castle

    [edit] Lumber Mill

    The Lumber Mill is an alternative to the Town Hall for wood depositing. It also holds many upgrades to strengthen human buildings and other lumber capabilities.

  • Cost: 120
  • Wood: 0
  • Hit Points: 900 / 1080 / 1260 / 1440
  • Build Time: 60

    Upgrades Available

  • Lumber Harvesting: Increases the peasants lumber carrying amount by 10. Cost: 100, Requires: Keep
  • Advanced Lumber Harvesting: Further increases the peasants lumber carrying amount by 10. Cost: 200, Requires: Castle
  • Masonry: Increases the armor and hit points of human buildings. Cost: 100, Wood: 25
  • Advanced Masonry: Further increases the armor and hit points of human buildings. Cost: 125, Wood: 50, Requires: Keep
  • Imbued Masonry: Further increases the armor and hit points of human buildings. Cost: 150, Wood: 75, Requires: Castle

    [edit] Scout Tower

    The Scout Tower is the first outpost available that allows you to expand your view of the battlefield. It can learn the ability Magic Sentry.

  • Cost: 30
  • Lumber: 20
  • Hit Points: 300 / 360 / 420 / 480
  • Build Time: 25


  • Magic Sentry: Upon use of this ability you will be able to reveal invisible units. Requires: Magical Sentinel

    [edit] Town Hall

    The Town Hall is the main building of every mission. Here peasants are trained and can be called to arms. All resources are dropped of here. The Town Hall can be upgraded to the Keep and then a Castle, each upgrade enabling more buildings and units while adding more health to the structure.

  • Cost: 385
  • Wood: 205
  • Hit Points: 1500/2400
  • Build Time: 180

    [edit] Workshop

    The workshop allows you to create Flying Machines, Mortar Teams, and Siege Engines. It also contains many valuable updates for those units as well.

  • Cost: 140
  • Lumber: 140
  • Hit Points: 1200 / 1440 / 1680 / 1920
  • Build Time: 60

    Units Available

  • <a href="">Mortar Team</a>
  • <a href="">Flying Machines</a>

    Upgrades Available

  • Flak Cannons: Allows the Flying Machines to have an area damage effect against enemy units. Cost: 100, Lumber: 150, Requires: Castle
  • Flying Machine Bombs: Allows Flying Machines to attack land units. Cost: 150, Lumber: 100, Requires: Castle
  • Flare: Flares give Mortar Teams the ability to light up any area of the map. Cost: 50, Lumber: 50, Requires: Keep
  • Fragmentation Shards: Increases the overall area effect damage of Mortar Teams. Cost: 50, Lumber: 100, Requires: Castle

    [edit] Campaign Missions

    Click on each link to take you to a page with the basics of information on each aspect of the game, and, hopefully, over time, a detailed walkthrough for each and every level!

    [edit] Chapter 1: The Defense of Strahnbad

    The First Chapter of the Human Alliance and one of your first places to test your army. Despite the rumors of a plague and the high political tensions recent Orc attacks have made the Alliance finally take action.

    To defeat the Orcish attacks the allinace has sent their two greatest paladins. Control the legendary lord Uther and Prince Arthas as you fight off the feirce orcs.

    Main Quest:
    • Travel to Strahnbad
    • Defeat the Slave Master
    • Arthas must Survive

    Optional Quests:

    • Rescue Timmy
    • Defeat Gnoll kidnappers
    • Arthas Must Survive

    Bandit Lord:
    • Slay the Bandit Lord
    • Arthas Must Survive

    [edit] Chapter 2: Blackrock and Roll

    Shortly after your first victory at Strahnbrad, Arthas is back at Uther's camp. Uther has sent to of his best paladins to talk to the Orc leader, the Blademaster, but when only their horses return to camp Uther sends Arthas to lead an attack on their encampment.

    Main Quests

    Establish a Base:
    • Construct a Barracks
    • Construct 2 farms
    • Train Six Footmen

    • Defeat the Blademaster
    • Arthas Must Survive

    Optional Quests

    • Bring Heart of Searinox to Feranor
    • Slay Searinox

    [edit] Chapter 3: Ravages of the Plague

    Arthas and his men wait at a crossroad for the great Archmage Jaina. She appears, late, and says that villages along the King's Road must be explored to discover the source of the plague. Jaina will join you on this mission.

    Main Quests:

     1. Explore Countryside
    2. Arthas and Jaina Must Survive
    3. Destroy Grain Warehouse

    Optional Quest:

     1. Find Mountain of Health

    [edit] Chapter 4: The Cult of the Damned

    The next day, Jaina and Arthas see Acolytes starting to haunt a gold mine on the out-skirts of Andorhal. As a camp is being set up nearby, Kel'Thuzad shows up with a group of ghouls and attacks Jaina. Arthas tries to rescue her, but it's to late, Jaina's dead.

    Main Quests:

     1. Investigate Andorhal.
    2. Confront Kel’Thuzad.

    [edit] Chapter 5: March of the Scourge

    Early the next morning, Arthas and Jainaalive once more move to Hearthglen and warn the town of the coming undead forces. Arthas learns the plague is being distributed in the grain when, suddenly the villagers of Hearthgren become undead and the battles ensues. You must survive for 30 minutes.

    Main Quest:

     1. Survive for 30 minutes.

    Optional Quest:

     1. Destroy the grain caravan.

    [edit] Chapter 6: The Culling

    The next morning, Uther shows up on the outskirts of Stratholme. Arthas informs him that the city must be purged of the undead. Uther challenges him and Arthas relieves him of his command. Jaina and Uther leave as Arthas begins to kill the villagers.

    Main Quests:

     1. Kill 100 zombies.
    2. Prevent Mal’Ganis from claiming 100 zombies.

    [edit] Chapter 7: The Shores of Northrend

    One month later, along the icy coast of Daggercap Bay, Arthas is setting up a camp to defend againt Mal'Ganis and his Undead forces. After a brief exploration, Arthas finds Muradin Bronzebeard. Together they might just have a chance...

    Main Quests:

     1. Establish a base.
    2. Destroy Mal’Ganis’ base.

    Optional Quest:

     1. Rescue Muradin Bronzebeard’s men.

    [edit] Chapter 8: Dissension

    An emissary arrives early the next day at Arthas's new base camp. He informs the Captian that Lord Uther convinced Arthas's father to recall the troops. Arthas is unhappy with the decision and decides the five ships that will carry the men must be destroyed. Arthas's forces will have no choice but to help him defeat Mal'Ganis.

    Main Quest:

     1. Destroy all the five ships in 25 minutes.

    [edit] Chapter 9: Frostmourne

    The next day, Muradin scolds Arthas decision of betraying his own men. Then Mal'Ganis shows up with all large force and tells him the journey is over. Arthas asks Muradin to help him claim Frostmourne-he feels that this runeblade might be enough to tip the scales in the Humans favor.

    Main Quest:

     1. Locate Frostmourne.
    2. Destroy Mal’Ganis’ base.

    [edit] Heroes

    Heroes are the backbone of your army, and provide myriad powers and abilities which individually can sway entire battles, and at times, can even help them level bases, all on their own, if you know how to use them. Proper use of a hero is important in Warcraft, be sure to use them to the full extent of their abilities!

    [edit] Accessories and Items

    Heroes also have another unique ability, in that they can carry around a maximum of six items with them. These items vary in size and shape, from use and how you obtain them. Some, such as the Orb of Fire you get early in the game, you can gain simply from completing a quest. Others, such as the Goblin Land Mines, only appear as mission-related items, and a few are rare and unlikely to be found, such as the Ankhs which can be used to revive a dead hero on the field. A few, such as tomes, permanently increase stats! Basically, at one point at time, you will find yourself in need of having only six items. What do we recommend? Keep everything you think might be useful further down the road, as heroes in campaigns keep those for the duration of the conquest. Of those, keep what is best. If you have an Orb of Fire +1 and Gauntlets of Ogre Strength +7 (which I've never found, so don't try looking for it) then take the Gauntlets, because they will obviously be of more use. Also, when it comes down to it, a lot of items you get from quests will be useful. There are several items in the game which lead to dramatic increases in stats in everything if you take the time to get them. Always remember, items can be traded between heroes if need be, so don't think that what you leave on Arthas can't be given to Jaina Proudmoore when you are controlling them both.

    [edit] Death of Heroes

    Whether or not they have an Ankh on them, which revives them where they are when they die, heroes will eventually die. This is signified on the field by a white ghost disappearing from the corpse of the fallen hero, and the portrait in the top left corner of the screen to go dark. To remedy this, you must go to the altar of your race and see if you can have him remade.

    [edit] Cost of Hero Revival By Level

    The following is a cost, in addition to the 5 Food which they will take up.

    • Lvl 1 - 200 gold
    • Lvl 2 - 250 gold
    • Lvl 3 - 300 gold
    • Lvl 4 - 350 gold
    • Lvl 5 - 400 gold
    • Lvl 6 - 450 gold
    • Lvl 7 - 500 gold
    • Lvl 8 - 550 gold
    • Lvl 9 - 600 gold
    • Lvl 10 - 650 gold

    Basically, start at 200 and go up 50 in cost for each level they gain.

    [edit] Experience

    Hero's need a few things on the field. Often, this can be remedied by supporting soldiers and such, but there are times when heroes are in need of experience. Experience is necessary for the advancement of your character. You can find them in tomes, or when fighting enemies. Below is some information about experience and heroes, specifically, how much experience is required for you to gain another level. Note, in campaigns, you may only be able to level up to a certain extent, but that does not mean you have to miss out on everything.

    [edit] Cost of Hero Leveling by Experience

    • Level 1 Heroes - START LEVEL
    • Level 2 Heroes - 200 to level.
    • Level 3 Heroes - 500 to level.
    • Level 4 Heroes - 900 to level.
    • Level 5 Heroes - 1400 to level.
    • Level 6 Heroes - 2000 to level.
    • Level 7 Heroes - 2700 to level.
    • Level 8 Heroes - 3500 to level.
    • Level 9 Heroes - 4400 to level.
    • Level 10 Heroes - 5400 to level. This is the final level for all heroes, until the expansions Orcish campaign which you can go farther in.

    In the Human Alliance there are 3 types of Heroes, the Archmage, the Mountain King, and the Paladin, all with their strengths and their weaknesses. Here we will explore more closely each of these heroes.

    All heroes in the game have something called an ultimate move. This is available only level six and on, and is not available before. It's often a powerful move and, since it requires the total concentration of the hero, usually is the only move they can perform at that time.

    [edit] Archmage

    The archmage is a spell casting hero with many powerful and impressive spells. He can attack land and air units depending on the spell you use. He can learn and use the following spells:
    Blizzard: Damages all units in an area of effect.
    Summon Water Elemental: Summons a powerful Water Elemental to fight for you.
    Brilliance Aura: Regenerates mana of Archmage and nearby spellcasters on your side.
    Mass Teleport (Ultimate): Teleports you and nearby units to a location of another ground unit on your team.

    [edit] Mountain King

    Mountain King
    This hero is a powerful melee fight that can only attack land units. He can learn and use the following abilities:
    Thunder Clap: Slams the ground, dealing a large amount of damage to all nearby enemy units.
    Storm Bolt: Hurls a hammer at one enemy unit dealing massive damage and stunning the target.
    Bash: Give the Mountain King a small chance to deal bonus damage and or stun the enemy unit when making normal attacks.
    Avatar (Ultimate): This ability turns the Mountain King into a large unit, improving his attributes and making him immune to spells.

    [edit] Paladin

    The paladin is a strong defense fighter that can only attack land units. He can learn and use the following powers:
    Holy Light: Heals friendly units or hurts and undead unit.
    Diving Shield: Makes the Paladin temporarily invulnerable.
    Devotion Aura: Gives and armor bonus to all nearby friendly units.
    Resurrection (UItimate): Raises a handful of slain friendly units.

    [edit] Units

    Below is a quick look at the units which can be used within the game, and who serve in the alliance. To find one quickly, use ctrl+f on your keyboard on any browser.

    [edit] Dragonhawk Rider

    The Dragonhawk is a agile flying unit rid by an elvish warrior. The riding elf has the ability to cast Aerial Shackles which will disable enemy flying units. They can learn Cloud and Animal War Training.

  • Cost: 200
  • Lumber: 30
  • Hit Points: 575 / 725 (Upgraded)
  • Build Time: 28

    [edit] Upgrades Available

  • Cloud: Allows Riders to disable buildings from attacking. Cost: 50, Lumber: 100, Requires: Arcane Vault, Castle

    [edit] Flying Machine

    The flying machine is a sturdy airborne unit driven by Dwarves. They allow you to quickly scout areas and give reasonable protection against large enemy flying units. Upgrades allow the Flying Machine to give out more damage.

  • Cost: 90
  • Lumber: 30
  • Hit Points: 200
  • Build Time: 13

    [edit] Upgrades Available

  • Flak Cannons: Allows the Flying Machines to have an area damage effect against enemy units. Cost: 100, Lumber: 150, Requires: Castle
  • Flying Machine Bombs: Allows Flying Machines to attack land units. Cost: 150, Lumber: 100, Requires: Castle

    [edit] Footman

    The Footman is the main part of any army. They are your starting attack force and in high numbers can dominate the feild. Footmen can learn the following move:
    DEFEND: Reduces the amount of damage dealt to the Footman, but slows him down.

    [edit] Gryphon Rider

    The Gryphon Rider is a powerful flying unit rid by a Dwarf. This unit can attack both land and air units and has the ability to learn Storm Hammers.

  • Cost: 280
  • Lumber: 70
  • Hit Points: 825 / 975 (When Fully Upgraded)
  • Build Time: 45

    [edit] Upgrades Available

  • Storm Hammers: Allows a riders hammer to go through an enemy and hit another causing damage to two units. Cost: 125, Lumber: 225

    [edit] Gyrocopter

    The Gyrocopter is an air unit that is an effective defense for enemy air units. Initially it can't attack land units. It can learn the following upgrades:
    GYROCOPTER BOMBS: This upgrade allows the Gyrocopter to use a bomb against ground units.
    TRUE SIGHT: This ability allows the Gyrocopter to see invisible units.

    [edit] Knight

    The knight is a powerful ground unit. They are the strength boost for your team and even in small numbers they can be devastating to your oppenents. The Knight can learn the following upgrade:
    ANIMAL WAR TRAINING: This upgrade permanently increases your knight's health.

    [edit] Militia

    Militia are the recreation of peasants when the Call To Arms function is used at the town hall. They are unable to do the abilities of a normal peasant but have much stronger melee attack.

    [edit] Mortar Team

    The mortar team is a powerful seige unit that can atttack land units, buildings and trees. They are a slow unit but can deliver massive damage and destroy buildings with ease. They have minimum range so they cannot attack units beside them.

    [edit] Upgrades Available

  • Flare: Flares give Mortar Teams the ability to light up any area of the map. Cost: 50, Lumber: 50, Requires: Keep
  • Fragmentation Shards: Increases the overall area effect damage of Mortar Teams. Cost: 50, Lumber: 100, Requires: Castle

    [edit] Peasant

    Peasants are the units that construct buildings, harvest lumber, and mine gold for your colony. They possess weak melee attack but can be converted into Militia at the town hall.

    [edit] Rifleman

    The rifleman is the basic long range and air attack unit. It can attack ground and air units. Riflemen can learn the following ability:
    LONG RIFLE: This upgrade permanently increases the range of the Riflemen.

    [edit] Steam Tank

    Steam Tank
    This unit is a heavily armored siege unit. It can deal massive damage to buildings but can't attack other land units.

    [edit] Water Elemental

    Water Elemental
    The Water Elemental is a powerful summon used by the Archmage. It can deal damage to any ground unit and as the spell is upgraded it becomes stronger and gains more health. This elemental will disappear after a short time.

    [edit] Human Abilities

    While each race has their own secrets which they keep from each other, magic or techniques which can only be used by a select unit or few units on any given side, all the races have individual abilities which should be kept in mind. These can mean the difference between victory... and defeat.

    [edit] Base Construction

    The best thing about the humans is that, while the towers do take an extra stage to go through production with, they can make an excellent system of defenses. Humans have the ability, unlike the other races, to have more than one peasant repairing or building something. At the lost of a little gold and a little timber, you can construct such buildings as towers at an extreme rate, especially if three or four are working on the same project.

    This means you can build a base or repair buildings quickly, or form a defensive perimeter of towers around your base fairly quickly. Use this to your advantage whenever you get the chance, as expansion for humans is far easier than the other races.

    Below, it is broken down further into two more things that should be kept in mind.

    [edit] Defensive Towers

    As opposed to offensive, of course. For those without a sense of humour, that was sarcasm.

    Towers are the best form of defense in this game, and have several utilizations which can be used effectively and easily if used properly. Humans can go one farther and quickly form a layer of Guard Towers from their scout towers, and create a perimeter fairly early on in the game. Keep in mind, while it does offer excellent base defense, it also brings with it several negatives. For example, the increased amounts of peasants on one piece of equipement will drain your funds at a quick rate, meaning that the faster you want it, the more it will cost you. While this is cheap for smaller buildings with several units working on them, a town hall being repaired can quickly force you down a fair bit. Second, you have to make more peasants, thus removing the amount you can have for the army, meatwise, down by a bit, although the surrounding forests will fall quickly before them and you can place them about the camp to quickly heal buildings.

    Good luck!

    [edit] Rapid Base Construction

    Rapid Base Construction is another tactic which can be quickly and effeciently used by the player who chooses to play the humans wisely. Sure, they might be somewhat awkward when it comes to controlling so many units building buildings, but it can also allow you to resurrect the basics around outlying outposts and gold mines with relatively few issues.

    For example, say that I am human, and my initial amount of Gold has run out. Now, being a good boy/girl, I can make several choices. I can A) attempt an attack with what I have or B) expand into another section and take control of those resources. Unlike other players, I can build up several towers, and perhaps a barracks around a gold mine so it already has tons of support if it needs it.

    Another plus is that Humans, at the beginning of multiplayer games, can also build up a base a lot faster than other people. Yes, they might be able to rush you, but you also might already have a layer of towers for protection from them. Also, if that fails, the <a href="">Call to Arms</a> function still works excellently for base defense.

    [edit] Human Battle Tactics

    There are several moves that you have to keep in mind here when it comes to humans. For one, when going against ranged units, try and switch out your knights for guards who can defend themselves against such attacks at a cost of 30% speed. Also, the Archmages moves come into play in a number of ways. For one, it's ultimate move can allow you to transport your immediate group, along with the hero, to any base on the map, as long as it is visible. This means that you can go out marauding and immediately return to camp, or run a sorceress, hidden, to the enemies town center and attack them from within.

    On the defensive side, priests are possibly the most versatile unit when it comes to assisting in the battle and healing process. Not only can they have many of their moves, set to autocast, so you don't have to worry about micro-management, you can also use them to heal troops at 20HP for a 4 mana hit. While one priest might not make much of a dent, a team of a half dozen priests healing 120HP a second can quickly change the tide in a battle.

    Also, the humans retain another special ability, regarding their peasants. Like the Orcs and their peons, you can use peasants as warriors for 45 seconds. This means that, at the click of the warning on the Town Center, all peasants will report for armament, and the countdown begins. This offers a second line of defense behind troops and towers, can hold of invaders until assistance arrives.

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