Line of sight

Line of Sight, often shorted to LoS, is the area a building or unit can make out around itself, and is affected by the Day/Night Cycle. When it is day, humans and orcs can see farther, but at night, night elves and undead can see farther. Attacking during the correct time of day can increase your factions chances of survival, especially in cases where units such as siege engines can stand outside of the range of towers or other buildings and destroy them without being seen.

Some units actually are able to shoot farther than their own LoS will allow, such as the aforementioned siege engines. If you want to be able to shoot far, move some units ahead, which should be a requisite to protect these valuable and fragile units from attack by units of the enemy. Doing this usually will keep your own siege engines out of the way of potentially harmful attacks while still being able to do a fair bit of damage on their own.

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