Mechanical units

Mechanical Units can be identified as constructions out of wood or stone. Catapults, for example, are mechanical units.


[edit] Healing Mechanical Units

Mechanical units tend to be fairly fragile and as such, need to be repaired often if not protected properly. Unfortunately, healing powers do not work on mechanical units. The working unit of a race must be used instead to properly effect repairs on mechanical units.

A mechanical unit which has suffered heavy damage can be recognized by more erratic movements of it's internal mechanisms and by being on fire. The fire will not continue to damage the unit but will show that that unit is damaged to the unit's faction's leader.

Should you be performing a larger siege operation, bringing along one or two working units, such as peons, may be to your benefit.

Repairing one of these units, however, can be costly. Much like repairing buildings, performing the repair function on these units will take some gold and wood over time, although the amount taken overall will be less than that from a building on average, which tend to take more damage.

[edit] Uses

While there are some units, such as shredders, which do not have siege applications outside of removing trees quickly and effectively, mechanical units typically are weapons used to attack buildings. These units tend not to have healing units present, so when attacked by a larger group of these machines, it may be to your benefit to attack these machines first, as it's unlikely any unit present will be able to effect repairs in the vicinity.

[edit] Innate Strengths

While they can be affected by offensive magic, they are sometimes immune to other forms of magic, such as sleep. Also, the undead banshee units will not be capable of possessing these units.

[edit] Innate Weaknesses

These units tend to be slow moving and often will slow down entire battle groups, and will reach the battle last. Also, due to their shooting range and line of sight, they often need direction to new targets.

In addition, as previously mentioned, these units require maintenance, not healing, which usually requires that you expose one of your working units to harm.

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