Neutral buildings

There are several neutral buildings found in the games, which are open to use by anyone.

[edit] Buildings

[edit] Using Neutral Buildings

All factions can make use of this building, including the undead. To use it, merely approach it with a hero until an arrow appears over their head. Only one hero can act as a customer at any given point. You may click on the building and the options of what to buy from the building appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Scrolling over each of the options gives you a general idea of the bonuses or powers of the item or unit you may be buying.

The cost of buying something will remove the same amount of gold straight from the factions coffers. Likewise, you can also sell goods by depositing them with the goblin merchant for a reduced return of gold.

[edit] Map Identification

On the map, these show up as little yellow houses on the map. They tend to be protected by creeps or are in areas not controlled by any particular faction, so be careful when you go out to buy some goods with a hero.

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