Orcish Horde

[edit] Buildings

Town Hall

A waypoint for incoming gold and lumber, it is the center of any settlement. There can only be one at a time.

Builds: Peons, Roads


To keep up the supply of food needed to train more troops, farms are needed. More farms allows the production of more units.


The training grounds for much of the army you command. The more that are built, the more units that can be trained simultaneously.

Builds: Grunts, Spearmen, Raiders, Catapults

Lumber Mill

Allows for upgrades to be made for spearmen, allowing them to be more powerful.


Allows for upgrades of the steel used by the ground melee units. Is also needed for the production of other buildings.


Allows for the production of raiders in the barracks.

Requires: Blacksmith


An unholy sanctum where necrolytes are trained and can learn more spells from.

Builds: Necrolytes

Requires: Lumber Mill


These skull-shaped spires act as the grounds for warlocks to conduct their dark reserachings. Additional warlocks and their spells can be purchased here.

Builds: Warlocks

Requires: Blacksmith

[edit] Classes


Peons are the builder units, and also harvest the necessary lumber and mine the gold needed to construct these buildings. They cannot attack, and will often flee from enemy attackers.

Requires: Town Hall


The basic melee fighting units. Provides an effective frontline against attackers.

Requires: Barracks


Ranged units. More maneuverable than grunts, but also have less armor. Best positioned behind more heavily-armored units.

Requires: Lumber Mill, Barracks


Faster and stronger than grunts, raiders are deadly in battle, but more costly to come upon. Their mounts make them more maneuverable than walking units.

Requires: Kennel, Barracks


Large, clumsy, but powerful, the catapult is a useful weapon against buildings. Able to kill anything in its range, it is best positioned towards the rear of the army.

Requires: Lumber Mill, Blacksmith, Barracks


Necrolytes command the dark powers of the dead. Their powers allow command over all things evil, including mastery over death. The spells of the necrolytes include:

SHADOW SPEAR: A concentrated spear of darkness that acts as the necrolyte's main attack.

RAISE DEAD: If the necrolyte is able to find a dead body not yet sunken into the earth, he can ressurect it to find for him.

DARK VISION: Provides a small area of vision for the caster on a targetted area for a short period of time.

UNHOLY ARMOR: Provides the target unit with immense invulnerability to attacks for a short period of time.

Requires: Temple


Masters of all that is evil and destructive, warlocks can cast a wide variety of demonic spells. The spells of the warlock include:

FIREBALL: The warlock unleashes a fiery ball of flame for his default attack.

SUMMON SPIDERS: Summons several deadly spiders into the warlock's bidding to serve him.

SUMMON DAEMON: Summons a great daemon from the underworld to fight for the warlock.

POISON CLOUD: Creates a large poisonous fog in an area for a short time, infect all units trapped within and dealing damage.

Requires: Tower

The Dead

If a corpse is found and not fully lost in the earth, a necrolyte can summon it to his service as an undead skeleton.

[edit] Missions

Mission 1

Blackhand has assigned you to an outpost in the Swamps of Sorrow. Your task is simple enough that even the War Chief feels you are capable of it. Construct at least six farms, so that we may keep our troops well fed and ready to do battle. Only a fool would leave his treasures unguarded, so you must also build a barracks for the defense of these farms.

Objectives: Build 6 Farms, 1 Barracks

Mission 2

Like the stinging of a wasp, the attacks from the humans grow more and more bothersome. You have been assigned to a small outpost on the Borderlands of the Swamps of Sorrow. You are to defend our lands from the incursions of these ravenous dogs by crushing any opposition that you encounter.

Objectives: Crush all opposition

Mission 3

The Humans are growing strong in Grand Hamlet. An outpost will be placed under your dictatorship to use as you see fit. You must then prepare and lead a force to destroy Grand Hamlet and all that dwell there. Blackhand will brook no survivors - these Humans must be taught a hard lesson in the ways of humility.

Objectives: Demolish Grand Hamlet

Mission 4

You are wakened from your nights sleep by a runner from the War Chief. Blackhand's daughter Griselda has run off with the outlaw Turok's band of Ogres. Our wolfriders have tracked them to the dungeons hidden beneath the Dead Mines. Find Turok's band of rebellious pigs and kill them all --- including Griselda. She must not disobey the commands of her father ever again.

Objectives: Kill Griselda and her minions

Mission 5

On your return from the Dungeon, you receive word from advance scouts that the recently establish outpost near the Red Ridge Mountains is under siege. A group of raiders have been dispatched to assist you in taking back the outpost and crushing the Human opposition. Your secondary objective is to seek out and completely destroy their encampment, putting an end to this threat for good.

Objectives: Save the outpost, slay all humans

Mission 6

The Humans of Sunnyglade have become fat and lazy with their prosperity. The town is like a ripe plum waiting to be plucked. You will march upon their weak Human armies and smash them to pieces. Somewhere in the town is a tower that you must keep intact so that we may study how their magiks are created. Fail me, and I will have your head on a pike at the gates of Black Rock Spire.

Objectives: Raze Sunnyglade, capture tower

Mission 7

The time has come for you to seize control of the Orcish hordes for yourself. Blackhand has become foolish in the deployment of his personal troops, and has left an opening that you can now exploit. A key outpost in the Black Morass is the core of Blackhand's supply lines - not only to his foremost battle groups, but to his castle at Black Rock Spire, as well. The complete destruction of this outpost will disrupt his power base long enough for you to secure his overthrow.

Objectives: Kill Blackhand's troops

Mission 8

The destruction of Blackhand's outpost has left him in a weak position. The Shadow Council, sensing your rise in power, orders the assassination of Blackhand and elevates you to the position of War Chief. A wolfrider brings you news that our best spy, the half-orc Garona, has been discovered by the Humans of Northshire Abbey and imprisoned there. She has valuable information concerning new and powerful magiks that would aid you in the destruction of your counterpart - King Llane. Trusting no one to complete this vital mission in time, you must find her, and then completely destroy the abbey to protect her secrets.

Objectives: Save garona, destroy the abbey

Mission 9

With your new found magiks, the time is ripe to burn the Human occupation from our lands. There are two Human outposts to the south that pose the greatest threat to our security. Reports from scouts near these towns show that the key to your success in this confrontation is to hold back the Human forces at their bridges while you strengthen your attack force. The glories of combat will be yours as you personally lead the armies that will reclaim your homelands.

Objectives: Crush the two human outposts

Mission 10

You have tasted victory, and the craving for more is upon you. It is clear that one decisive blow to the humans will make the total and complete domination of this race a simple matter. Your spies have gathered intelligence that points to an encampment near the centre of the Human lands where their knights and soldiers are sent to train. Although they will not be expecting an attack, they should prove a good fight. The destruction of this site would greatly weaken their forces, and etch your position as War Chief in stone. None shall survive!

Objectives: Destroy the human camp

Mission 11

The final march to King Llane's home, Stormwind Keep, is at hand. Only two pathetic settlements stand in the way of the awesome juggernaut your cruel leadership has created. The Humans have proved to be amusing opposition, but the hour of doom has come for them. The complete and utter destruction of the twin cities Goldshire and Moonbrook will sever the lifeline between the king and his people, making him a figurehead waiting to be lopped off.

Objectives: Raze Moonbrook and Goldshire

Mission 12

Stormwind Keep is ours to take! The Orcish hordes gather like buzzards to the carrion, as the moment of destiny is close at hand. A low growl fills the air as your wolfriders whirl their savage mounts into a frenzy. The earth shakes as catapults are loaded and moved into position. The fires of the burning rubble about you dance in your eyes as you gaze upon the pristine, white towers of castle stormwind. White that will soon be washed with the red of King Llane's blood. With his fall, all of Azeroth will be yours!

Objectives: Destroy Stormwind Keep, kill all humans

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