Peasants are the working unit of the humans, and provide the backbone to the economy of that race.


[edit] Responsibilities

Like all other races, their responsibilities mainly lie in collecting wood, construction, gold mining, and repair. They also have some mild melee abilities, which can be supplemented by the Call to Arms abilitiy at the Town Hall.

[edit] Special Abilities

The peasant has two special abilities.

[edit] Call to Arms

When the Town Hall uses Call to Arms, all Peasants in the vicinity report for duty and become militia for a short period of time, which makes them more effective in battle. It raises both their damage and their armour. However, even if the battle has not been completed, when time runs out, they return to being peasants.

They can also be turned back before time is up if the battle is done, which is recommended. It allows for the ability to cool down and also allows the peasants to get back to supporting the economy. When they are told to get back to work, they will remember their tasks and immediately report back to where they were taken from to carry them out.

Keep in mind, you may lose some members of the militia during the fight, so afterwards, be sure the amount of people mining, or performing other tasks, was the same amount you had before!

[edit] Multiple Units Building

Humans have the only unit capable of building a structure in groups. While each additional unit will drain resources, it will also allowing you to complete construction projects more expediently.

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