A Tome is an item which provides a trait boost to heroes.


[edit] Different Kinds of Tomes

There are several different kinds of Tomes found in the Warcraft universe.

[edit] Tome of Knowledge

The Tome of Knowledge will give your character an increased amount of experience, usually an amount large enough to significantly move your heroes forward in a campaign. Keep in mind that using this Tome when you are close to leveling up is still a good idea in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and it's expansion, Warhammer III: The Frozen Throne, as excess experience is put towards the next level in the campaign from the last thing used to get over that level limit.

However, once over that level limit in campaigns, anything further will not help move the hero forward to the next level! If you are close, then, perhaps defeating an enemy unit to get to the next level would be preferable, and keeping the Tome for the next campaign stage to level up quickly would be preferable.

[edit] Tome of Strength

This improves the Strength rating, which in turn improves damage for melee based heroes.

[edit] Tome of Intelligence

This improves the Intelligence rating, which in turn improves damage for magic wielding or ranged heroes.

[edit] Tome of Agility

This improves the Agility rating, which in turn allows for that unit to move faster across the map.

[edit] Correct Use of Tomes

The use of the Tome of Knowledge is outlined in it's section, however, the rest are not. While the Tome of Agility may be used by all, be sure to use the other two Tomes in cases where an increase of attack power is given for the correct unit. Increasing a Paladin's damage will require a Tome of Strength, so keep the Tome of Intelligence for units who used range or magical attacks instead of melee attacks.

[edit] Recognizing Tomes

Tomes will be books, glowing, and in assorted colours. Upon finding them, the title should be able to tell you which one each is.

Be warned, while you will find several tomes along the way through the third Warcraft incarnation, they can only be used once, and are not incredibly common!

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