Undead Scourge

The Undead Scourge is a well rounded attack force that can feild enduring ground forces and mighty air attack units. The spell casters have a variety of different powerful spells including the dreaded Raise the Dead spell which brings dead units on your side around you back to life. By doing so, the Undead can weild powerful armies bigger than any other race in Warcraft III.

[edit] Units

[edit] Acolyte

Acolytes are human beings who have given themselves over to the power of Ner'zhul and the Scourge. These bitter, fanatical men and women will stop at nothing to promote the Lich King's will and maintain the secrecy and dominance of the Cult of the Damned. They view their own deaths and the possibility of becoming undead as the ultimate rewards for their service to Ner'zhul.

Acolytes will repair buildings and mechanical units when this is enabled.

The acolyte will gather gold from a gold mine when activated.

Summon Buildings
This button brings up a list of available buildings to "summon" or build.

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