Warcraft: Orcs & Humans


[edit] Storyline

The Humans of Azeroth knew a land of prosperity without greed or hate. It was not until the rise of the powerful young wizard Medihv that the troubles of the mighty kingdom of Stormwind began. With his ascension began plague, famine, desperation, and finally, the appearance of strange brutish creatures known as orcs. These orcs attacked all outlying human outposts until they were fought back into the swamps. An uneasy tension now exists between the resilient humans and the orcish horde, who slowly organize into a mighty army. With his father dead, King Llane now takes throne to stop the invasion. The orcs themselves hail from another world known as Draenor. Their dark magics and corrupted intentions led them to create a rift in the worlds and cross over into the land known as Azeroth. Slowly at first they explored the land until they knew enough to begin their attacks, finding the inhabitants to be weak but tactful. The orcs attacks, though brutal, were ineffective against the organization of the humans. Soon a powerful orc by the name of Blackhand arose to power through guile and strength that began to organize and gather the tribes into one massive army which now sets its sights upon the kingdom of Stormwind.

[edit] Release Dates

[edit] North America

January 15, 1994

[edit] Features

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Features:

  • Build and protect military outpost strongholds
  • Two-player option supported via modem or network
  • Play head-to-head versus Macintosh or PC version
  • Play as either the human alliance or orcish horde
  • Two dozen campaign scenarios over two different storyline
  • Over 20 more customizable scenarios for unlimited replay
  • Command many unique creatures, including demons, necromancers, clerics, elementals, archers, knights, and spearmen
  • A rich soundtrack of classical war music

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