Worker units

Worker units are a general term for units which form the backbone of the economy. While this is slightly more complicated for the Undead and Night Elves, for the others, it's general fairly simple.


[edit] Worker Units

[edit] Humans

Humans make use of a unit called a Peasant, built at the Town Hall.

[edit] Undead

For Gold and structure building, the Undead make use of Acolytes, built at a Necropolis. For Wood gathering, they make use of a quasi-military unit, the Ghoul, built at the Crypt.

[edit] Orcs

Orcs make use of a unit called a Peon, which is built at the Great Hall.

[edit] Night Elves

Night Elves use Wisps, spirits built at the Tree of Life, capable of mining gold, harvesting wood, and building structures. Wisps are consumed in the construction of buildings and can harvest wood without felling any trees.

[edit] Responsibilities

There are several responsibilities given to these units by each of their master races, outside of what all units may be able to do. These units tend to be fairly weak in combat, with the exception of the ghoul, which is a weaker combat unit, so should be scattered when attacked or used as the ultimate last resort.

[edit] Gold Mining

Gold Mines are the chief form of gold in the game, and are mined by these units. No other unit may be involved with the extraction of gold from gold mines, although other sources may be found during progress through the game.

Ghouls cannot extract Gold.

[edit] Wood Harvesting

Wood gathering is done through the harvesting of trees, although Wisps may do this without actually destroying the trees. However, trees may also be destroyed by a number of siege units, or by Goblin Sappers, should such tree removal be deemed desirable and necessary.

[edit] Construction

Construction is also one of the ways these units work. Construction can be halted for a portion of the resources to be returned, depending on how far along construction as proceeded. In addition, more than one Peasant can build a single building at the cost of more resources as long as the second unit is helping to expedite the process, and Wisps are destroyed in the process of building buildings of the Night Elves.

Ghouls cannot construct Buildings.

[edit] Repair

Mechanical Units and Buildings can be repaired by these units as well, with the exception of ghouls.

[edit] Special Abilities

Several of these units have special abilities outside of some combat effectiveness and their uses for building a stable economy and bases. They are listed below.

[edit] Human Peasants

Peasants have two abilities. One, multiple peasants may work on the same building at the same time, so, at the cost of more resources for as long as multiple peasants are working, a building can be completed faster. They can also be affected by the Call to Arms ability at the Town Hall, which turns all local peasants into Militia, which increases their armour and attack and allows them to act more effectively in defense of the base, but only if they are within a certain range of the Town Hall.

[edit] Undead Acolytes and Ghouls

Ghouls act as a combat unit outside of gathering wood and can do so even carrying a load of wood, which will be lost if the Ghoul is killed. They also have the cannibalize ability, whereby they eat corpses to regain health. A Graveyard therefore can keep them healthy for extended periods of time.

Acolytes do not have to remain present during the construction of buildings and can, indeed, leave construction to proceed on their own. Only an initial summoning must occur, after which the acolyte will wait for new orders. Hence, a single acolyte can quickly build an entire base on their own, if necessary. They can also be sacrificed to create a Shade, an undead scout unit which cannot attack, but also cannot be seen or attacked with few exceptions.

[edit] Orc Peons

Peons can learn the Pillage ability, so in the off chance that they are attacking an enemy building, they could be taking some resources back as well. Some military units gain this ability as well.

Peons can also gather into Burrows, allowing them to throw missiles at invading armies without being attacked themselves.

[edit] Night Elf Wisps=

The Night Elves use Wisps. While destroyed during the building creation process, Wisps can also harvest wood without destroying trees, and if they destroy themselves they can dispel magic over a small area.

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